CCI dismisses complaints against Google
CCI dismisses complaints against Google

CCI, in its order, dismissed allegations of anti-competitive conduct against Google relating its advertising platform AdWord, holding it not in contravention of the Competition Act.

The information was filed by Vishal Gupta and Albion InfoTel. It was alleged that Google terminated their AdWords accounts without giving any notice or reason.

A majority order was passed by the four members. However, DK Sikri, the CCI Chairperson passed a dissent note.

It was found that-

  • Google’s AdWord policies protect the platform and the vulnerable end-users.
  • The enforcement and implementation of the Policies are non-discriminatory and ensure consumer safety.
  • There was no evidence to show that the Informants’ accounts were singled out for suspension.
  • There was no ground to claim that the enforcement action was unfair and contrary to Section 4 of the Act.
  • Google followed a fair, legitimate process using clear, accessible and pro-consumer policies
  • The present cases ought to have been referred back to the DG under S. 26 (7) for further investigation on the facets identified.

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