Compliance Strategies, Training, Manuals & Audit
Compliance Strategies, Training, Manuals & Audit

Assisting clients in preparing detailed and exhaustive compliance manuals and checklists.

Helping clients in developing training programs for sensitization of employees with regulatory compliance, along with mock raid and discovery exercises.

Helping clients with review of existing old agreements to ensure that they are still competition law compliant, to avoid any unintended violation after commencement of enforcement in 2009, and advice on external communications.


Many companies around the world (and even governments) have adopted this ex-ante approach in ensuring prevention of competition law violations. Agility Logistics (Kuwait), AkzoNobel (EU), Air France and KLM (EU), Lafarge (France) etc. are some of the big companies which adopted competition compliance codes and have benefitted from them. Broadly, Competition Compliance Programme offers the following advantages:

  • Inculcates a culture of compliance throughout the organization which in turn can be a business enhancer offering positive benefits to the business.
  • Provides enterprises with a competitive advantage by enabling them to detect any violation at an early stage and take corrective measures to their advantage
  • Assists enterprises to enhance reputation and build goodwill.
  • Enterprises that contravene the provisions of the Act may suffer damage to their reputation, damaging years of careful marketing and brand development
  • Obviates or reduces the costs and negative effects of litigation and regulatory intervention.
  • Establishes enterprises as having a social conscience, economic ethics and national interest at heart.
  • The existence of a strong Compliance Programme reflecting the eagerness of the management to comply may temper the severity of the punishment that may be meted out for violation.
  • Helps in avoiding unintended violations that may otherwise occur due to ignorance of competition law rules.