M&A & Regulatory Advisory
M & A Review and Regulatory Advisory

India today is at the Centre of global attention as the most attractive investment destination, and attracted the top position in the World with investment inflows with over US$65 bn. With our multi-disciplinary team of experts, COMPAD can provide strategic advice in navigating the process expeditiously without speed-breakers.

A typical M&A deal requires regulatory approval from the CCI, RBI, SEBI, stock exchanges and the National Company Law Tribunal (including approval from sectoral regulators). Typically it might take upto 8 months to close a a M&A deal in India. If it is a cross-border deal, the timeline can go up to 18 months, provided none of the regulators world-wide come up with objections or queries.

CCI has earned a reputation for its efficiency and has so far cleared 116 M&A cases during 2016-17. Interestingly most of the cases have been cleared in Phase I inquiry and within an average time of 4-8 weeks. Only a handful have gone to Phase II, and even those have been cleared with some modifications and remedies. Importantly, none of them have been blocked so far.

Regulation of combinations by the CCI is governed under Sections 5 & 6 of the Competition Act. The detailed procedures have been provided the concerned Regulations which have been modified from time to time, to make them investor friendly. CCI has been very responsive, and tweaked its procedures and regulations where it has felt necessary to facilitate it.

With special insights and understanding of the nuances of these regulations, having been associated with these right from the beginning, our experts can help clients in navigating the M&A process with speed and efficiency.

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts also have experience of simultaneously helping with other concerned regulatory clearances to provide a coordinated strategic assistance with various agencies.

CCI has launched an online guidance system for quick guidance, named 'Do It Yourself (DIY): A notifiability check for M&A.’