India's Q1 GDP grows at 8.2%
India's Q1 GDP grows at 8.2%

According to the ‘estimates of GDP for the first quarter (April-June) 2018-19’, released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), India’s GDP has grown at 8.2%.

The GDP growth rate in the last quarter was 7.7% while that in Q1 of 2017-18 was 5.59%.

The growth reinforces India's position as the fastest growing major economy, attaining higher expansion rate than China's 6.7% in the same quarter.

As per the data, the quarterly GVA from manufacturing sector has grown by 13.5 % as compared to (-) 1.8 % in Q1 2017-18 and from agriculture, forestry and fishing sector has grown by 5.3% as compared to 3% in Q1 2017-18.

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